herbert west

Album: delawarewolves rising (2007)

Song: lycanthropy for lovers

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Four brothers were born under a full moon in a thatch-roofed hut on an island where snakes prevailed and times were tough. As their mother was giving birth, the sound of screams and scent of blood filled the night air. A werewolf that had been terrorizing the land
broke into the witch doctor's hut and bit the mother, cursing not only her, but also her quadtuplets. The family was shunned by the villagers and was forced to take to the shelter of the forest...

One evening after the boys had laid down to rest, their mother set out to gather fruit from the forest floor. Sadly, a deadly black widow viper lashed out and struck the woman, killing her instantly. Ah, the circle of life... When their mother did not return, the crying ensued... A wandering female wolf, out on the hunt, followed the cries to the quadtuplets' shelter. Motherly instincts overtook the huntress. She took the boys and raised them as her own, nursing them with her wolfen milk. On the first full moon after their first lupine nursing, a transformation took place. The West brothers began the rise of the Delawarewolf.


In actuality, HERBERT WEST is a band from NJ and PA comprised of james gross, matt 'mexico' hittinger, ryan ratajski, and karl escarcha. Their previous
projects include the following:

inane, blood of the innocent, two days..., distance and distress, metro, the crime scene, atrium, on mono, and the september scandal.